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Lawn Doctor provides high quality lawn care, tree and shrub care and pest control services to our customers and we pride ourselves on helping you maintain a healthy lawn. Local knowledge is what makes our experienced professionals different. We understand Waltham-Arlington lawn care - our seasons, our soil, our climate and what kind of turf is best for your yard and even how you should take care of it between Lawn Doctor visits.

Lawn Doctor has been providing beautiful, healthy lawns across the nation for over 45 years.  That's why we lead the industry with over 460 locations in over 40 states. Our national network ensures that our professionals adhere to the standards you expect and allow them to share best practices between locations.

The Lawn Doctor Advantage

  • Nationally proven brand
  • Creating perfect lawns for over 45 years
  • 460 locations in over 40 states
  • State of the art, patented Turf Tamer equipment
  • Time-tested techniques to ensure the best possible results
  • Custom-blended materials to maintain your lawn’s health and beauty year-round
  • The highest degree of hands-on customer service and informational resources

Expert Lawn and Yard Care Advice

Our secret is the experts we have that you rely on at each and every Lawn Doctor location. Our local lawn care and yard care professionals understand Woodstock, GA's environment, soil conditions, weather and common yard pests and use this information to create customized lawn treatment programs for your yard designed to accomplish all of your goals.

Our Promise To Customers In NE Atlanta

At the heart of our long-term relationships are satisfied customers, so we offer you a free initial evaluation and guarantee our results.

If any one of our Maintainer Care Applications does not achieve satisfactory results, simply tell us. As your locally operated Lawn Doctor franchise, we'll either return and reapply that application at no additional charge or refund the full cost of your last application.

Environmental Commitment

At Lawn Doctor of NE Atlanta, we understand that the environment is the cornerstone of all we do. For more than 45 years, Lawn Doctor has been committed to offering environmentally friendly products and services that promote healthy, green lawns. In fact, the grass in your lawn provides so many benefits to the environment. A healthy lawn creates oxygen, removes dust and dirt, filters water passing through its roots leaving pollutants behind and many more benefits.

Lawn Doctor is focused on working in harmony with the science of nature. In other words, every service we perform is designed to boost natural growth. In fact, some of Lawn Doctor's services help to promote oxygen and water flow in ways that affect entire neighborhoods.

Unlike many of our competitors, Lawn Doctor goes beyond simple green product use. Our proprietary technology allows our lawn professionals to precisely measure and apply the optimum blend of nutrients and weed control. That means we're doing the right thing for you, your lawn and the environment.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to love your lawn, yard and home. And, we take pride in the knowledge and techniques that our local lawn professionals in NE Atlanta bring to your lawn care.

That's why we offer the Lawn Doctor Guarantee:

If any one of our Maintainer Care Applications does not achieve satisfactory results, simply tell us. As your locally operated Lawn Doctor franchise, we'll either return and reapply that application at no additional charge or refund the full cost of your last application.

To learn more about what to expect from Lawn Doctor, explore our services:

  • Custom Lawn Care
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Lawn Care
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Lawn Pest Control
  • Lawn Seeding
  • Lawn Treatment and Fertilizer
  • Organic Lawn Care
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Weed Control
  • Yard Armour

Competitive Comparison

If you've been researching lawn care service companies for even a brief amount of time you've probably realized most of them say the same things - make the same claims, offer the same lawn care and lawn maintenance services, and tout the same guarantee. The truth is, we are NOT all created equal.

Consider for just a moment:

  • Lawn Doctor has been in business for over 45 years.
  • Lawn Doctor has local experience, as opposed to a National call center.
  • Lawn Doctor provides highly-customized lawn care programs featuring Turf Tamer technology.
  • Lawn Doctor offers a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.

Professional Lawn Care

Lawn Doctor of NE Atlanta combines local professional wisdom with a national reputation. Anyone can work on your yard, but Lawn Doctor helps your yard work for you. From lawn and landscape analysis to a customized care program, our experts ensure that you receive the benefits of our local experience.

Local Lawn Care Experts

To transform your grass to a true lawn, you need a true professional. Our lawn service experts are your neighbors... so they understand your climate, your soil conditions and even those peculiar twists in weather that only seem to happen in a 10-mile radius of your home.

Lawn Care Services in NE Atlanta

Lawn Doctor offers a Wide Scope of Lawn Services.

Lawn Services should improve your lawn, landscape and home. Lawn services help extend your home life to the outdoors, protect your family from health concerns and even increase the value of your home. Professional Lawn Services should take worry off your shoulders by delivering what you want and need to have a fantastic landscape. With Lawn Doctor, you've found Local Lawn Services Professionals who can handle all of these lawn services for you.

From lawn seeding and tree and shrub services to home pest control treatments for perimeter foundation and home barrier protection, Lawn Doctor provides lawn services so your life can be carefree.

Lawn Doctor's Diagnosis Starts with a FREE Lawn Services Evaluation

They're called lawn services because our lawn care technicians are serving your needs. We begin to understand those lawn services needs by starting every customer relationship with a detailed FREE Lawn Care Evaluation of his or her yard and landscape.

Once we have a diagnosis of what's wrong, we develop the best lawn services solutions, whether one-time lawn treatments or ongoing lawn maintenance. Not all landscapes are the same, and we believe in customizing a lawn services program to your specific needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Our strength is our local lawn services professionals who understand your area's unique needs and characteristics, from soil type to weather patterns.

Learn More About Professional Lawn Services by Lawn Doctor:

  • Lawn and Yard Care covers everything in the turf and on the ground - we help improve your grass and keep the yard weed, disease and pest free.
  • Lawn Maintenance helps your lawn look beautiful and stay healthy, helping you achieve the perfect lawn you've always wanted.
  • Go beyond the grass and keep your entire landscape healthy and beautiful with our Tree and Shrub Care programs.
  • Our Perimeter Pest Control program helps you keep your home and other structures insect-free.
  • Lawn Doctor organic lawn care programs are effective and committed to Environmental Stewardship.

Lawn Care Tips For The Fall Season

Lawn Doctor of NE Atlanta is dedicated to Keeping Lawns Healthy for Life - and part of that commitment means helping you take better care of your lawn and landscape on a daily basis. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, the fall season is a critical time to prepare your home for the long winter.

Follow these fall lawn care tips to make the fall season last as long as possible before winter begins:

During the fall, your lawn is getting ready to go dormant for the winter. Fertilizing during this period is vital to provide an extra boost of nutrients that will be stored and used during dormancy.

  • Roots actually continue to grow underground throughout the winter and rely on the stored food until spring.

Power Seeding will increase turf density and improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Our Turf Tamer power seeder provides customers with exactly the right amount of seed without damaging existing turf.

  • Power seeding in the fall season helps the lawn recover from the heavy use from the summer and it influences the lawn's look for the following spring.
  • A dense lawn is also the best natural defense against weed and insect damage.

The fall is also a great time to aerate your yard.

  • Lawn Aeration combats grass compaction from summer traffic and encourages the uptake of nutrients and oxygen.

If your lawn is starting to get thin, you can also reseed your grass.

When the leaves start to fall, rake or blow the lawn clean at least once a week.

  • Keeping your lawn leaf-free doesn't only look better; it's also healthier for your lawn to be leaf-free.
  • Leaves block sunlight, which is vital in the fall as the lawn stores food for the dormant winter season.

The fall season is also the time to have Lawn Doctor of NE Atlanta apply grub control and check and treat your yard for other pests. If you wait until spring, your turf will suffer.

  • Call Lawn Doctor for a FREE Lawn Evaluation to find out what's lurking in your grass.

If you're done mowing for the year, use Lawn Doctor fall lawn care services to winterize your lawn mower for you.

  • Proper service will ensure that your mower is stored safely and ready to go for when lawn mowing season begins in the spring.

Before the winter hits is also a good time to winterize your trees and shrubs.

  • Some evergreens experience extreme moisture loss over the winter, which fall lawn care services can prevent with the application of special oil.

Fall Lawn Care Services for Every Yard

Lawn Doctor offers Lawn Maintainer Care programs to provide most lawns with the basics that they need, as well as Custom Lawn Care service options to deal with more serious issues.

Call 770-591-9101 to schedule your FREE On-Site evaluation today.

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